What is Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a family of viruses as it has lot of viruses in it. When we see these viruses under the microscope, it appears as spikes which also found in crown. Due to this reason, it is named as coronavirus (the one which looks like a crown). This virus can be divided into four sub-categories, i.e., Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta. In humans, the virus was first identified in 1960. Mostly, coronaviruses appear in animals, but some coronaviruses can also infect the animals and create a new kind of human virus. Some non-normal human coronaviruses were found such as SARS, MERS, and the latest one is Novel Coronavirus.

What is Novel Coronavirus?

Novel coronavirus is a beta coronavirus which was first found in Wuhan in China. It has been originated from the meat market of Wuhan. It causes a respiratory-illness. Initially, it was found that this virus is transferred from animals to humans but with increase in the number of cases, it was identified that this virus is transferred from human to human. It causes a disease Covid-19 and has killed over 191,899 across the world, and infected 2,746,954 till now. This virus has been spread across 185 countries. The WHO (World Health Organization) declared the disease caused by the coronavirus as pandemic. Since the coronavirus disease has been spread in almost every country, so it is declared as a pandemic.

Why Covid-19 is getting so much attention?

It is a new kind of virus which we haven’t seen in humans before. The theory says that this virus jumps from the animal species to the human population, and starts spreading. We have seen many people died because of this disease. So, we are more concerned as we do not know exactly how severe this disease or how it spreads.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

The following are the common symptoms of coronavirus:

  • Headache
  • Dry cough
  • High-fever
  • Feeling tiredness
  • Throat infection

How does this virus spread?

When new virus emerges then we raise one question that how it spreads from person to person. Most of the respiratory viruses spread by large droplets when we sneeze or cough. When the droplets land on the surfaces, and if other person touch that surface then that person will also get infected from this disease. Other viruses mainly spread through the airborne transmission as they live in the air in the form of a small nuclei. But, for coronavirus, we are not actually sure that whether it is an airborne transmission or a droplet.

Coronavirus is similar to the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) as it also causes the respiratory illnesses. SARS was also first identified in china in 2003, but this virus soon ran away as it causes severe illness which was easier to control. Whereas in Coronavirus, if people having this disease, but might not showing any symptom which is quite difficult to control.

How can we protect ourselves from the coronavirus?

Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by the new coronavirus, and this disease has been introduced in the humans from the animals for the first time. This disease mainly spreads through the droplets of the infected person when he/she sneezes or coughs. When the infected person sneezes or coughs, then the droplets land on the surface, and these droplets enter into the mouth of the person who are standing nearby.

These droplets are very heavy that they cannot travel so far in the air. They can approximately travel upto one meter, and then gets settled on the surface. It mainly spreads person to person when they are in close contacts. The exact time that the virus survive on the surface is not yet known, so it is advisable to clean the surfaces regularly and especially in the area where people are infected with a COVID-19. Since the hands touch many surfaces and the surface can be contaminated with a virus, so avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose as the virus can be entered from the surface to your mouth. When you are sneezing or coughing, then cover your face with a elbow or use some tissue. If you use some tissue, then throw it immediately in a dustbin.

The most effective way of preventing the coronavirus is to use the alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wash your hands frequently. This will kill the vi rus if it is present in your hand.

Can we die due to Coronavirus?

This virus is most dangerous for the people who have a weak immune system like kids under the age 10 and aged people. It can also be dangerous for those who have asthma problem or pneumonia. But this virus is not deadly always; many people have been recovered within 8 to 10 days.