What is C++

A computer is an electronic device that can perform various computational tasks. Since it is a machine so it cannot perform the tasks on its own. Some instructions need to be given to the computer so that it can perform the tasks. The instructions which are given to the computer are known as program. The […]

What is HTML

HTML stands for hypertext markup language where hypertext refers to the fact that HTML makes so that we can click on the links to move to another web page. The markup means the html tags that we use inside the text like bold tag, heading tag, etc. The language refers that HTML is a language […]

What is Flutter

Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK) used for developing Android and IOS apps. We can also define as a tool that allows you to build native cross-platform (Android and IOS) apps using same programming language and codebase. Here, native cross-platform means that we are building the apps for Android and IOS. We are […]

What is Linux

Linux is one of the popular versions of UNIX operating system. It is open source as its source code is freely available. It is free to use. Linux was designed considering UNIX compatibility. Its functionality list if quite similar to UNIX. Linux is a kernel which communicates with the hardware of the system which includes […]

What is C language

C is a general-purpose, structured and procedural programming language. It is widely used in those applications which were previously developed in assembly language, and such applications are operating systems, various applications software. C was developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs to make utilities that run on UNIX operating system. In 1980, it gained popularity […]

What is Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a family of viruses as it has lot of viruses in it. When we see these viruses under the microscope, it appears as spikes which also found in crown. Due to this reason, it is named as coronavirus (the one which looks like a crown). This virus can be divided into four sub-categories, […]